Saturday, April 4, 2015

To the editor of The Boston Globe:

All the editorials, columns and letters in The Boston Globe about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's invited address to a joint session of Congress and the more recent open letter by Republican Senators to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran ignore the most rational explanation for these events.

With President Obama negotiating with Iran as if he has a very weak hand and on the verge of making a disastrous deal, the strong bipartisan support for Netanyahu's message and the Republican letter greatly increases his leverage. Whereas he has said it would be unrealistic to expect the Iranian mullahs to accept an agreement meeting what he had earlier said were his red lines, the Congressional opposition to what seems to be on the table enables him to point out that this deal, which would likely lead to a nuclear nightmare, won't cut it with his own government.

Is it not possible that our president, recognizing that he's almost blown it, has secretly conspired with Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Congressional leadership, both Democratic and Republican, to pull his bacon out of the fire?


Alan Stein

Submitted March 11, 2015. Never published.

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